7:17 AM
He sits up too fast and hits his head on the shelf above his bed.

"Oh. Fuck." A sharp intake of air and he falls back again, hitting his head a second time. "God dammit," he murmurs, turning his head abruptly to look at the clock. 7:17 in the morning and he's off to a great start.

Kale stops and takes a deep breath, hands covering his face as he rubbed his tired eyes and laid there for a second. When he bumped his head on the shelf above him, a jar of dried and dirty paintbrushes fell, but he hardly bothered to take notice. Instead, he continues to breathe deeply, trying to erase the last---he looks at the clock again---2 minutes from his morning. If he pretends it didn't happen, the whole day will be off to a better start.

He breaths in, he breathes out. He breathes in, he breathes out. Rinse. Repeat.

When he removes his hands from his face, he feels a little better. With some sense of caution, he climbs from his bed and stretches, his bones sounding like bubble wrap as he cracks them and pushes the air from his joints from the strange positions he sleeps in. Within five minutes, he falls back to the bed and shuts his eyes. 7AM is too early to be awake, he decides. Rolling over, he falls back asleep.

He can feel the sheets around him moving. He assumes one of his two cats is there to remind him that it's well past breakfast time. Kal groans and moves his hand to where he feels the gentle movements, but there's no cat. That's a sign, he decides. When he opens his eyes, all that's in the spot is the spilled jar of brushes and trinkets. It makes sense to him that maybe his cats were just playing with them.

Up and moving, he follows his normal routine before finding himself in the kitchen mindlessly eating cereal straight from the box. Fox 25 was on his TV in the living room just beyond the threshold of the kitchen, but he was barely paying attention. There's a strange buzzing sound nagging at him and he swats, assuming it was a house fly or lingering mosquito. That bionic kind of mosquito that learns to fly between the rain drops just to buzz in his ear.

Despite the late start to his day, Kale still feels the need to be productive and finds himself in the shower. He's currently performing an overly operatic version of Bat Out of Hell, his hair spiked in a shampoo mohawk and his thick body lathered with soap. Hearing what he thinks is his phone buzz from the sink, he pulls back the shower curtain to take a quick glance, but the screen is black. He shrugs and resumes his business.

Seconds later, he hears it again. Kal pulls the curtain back, and still there's nothing. He grumbles.

Again, he hears it, and this time the source of the nagging buzz hits him square between the eyes and the shock of it literally knocks him off his feet. Grabbing the curtain for stability, he manages to pull that down with him and before he knows what hit him, he's on his ass with water cascading over his face and a shower curtain tangled in his limbs.

The source of the nagging buzz sits on the curtain with water streaming over it. It's a white ring with a symbol he's seen before. He's drawn it, doodled it, and dreamed of it. Kal picks it up and looks at it. It doesn't make sense to him, but he assumes this was one of those cereal toy rings that Hal and Nasim got, too. Seeing no harm in playing with it, he slips it on his finger and stands from his spot in the tub.

"Shazam!" he shouts playfully, expecting to run down a list of poor commands, the same way Tobey Maguire did in Spider-Man. When a blinding green flash of light erupts from his toy, Kal screams in the highest pitched tone before slapping his hand over his mouth.

The wall was gone. Crumbled. There was dust settling and bricks from the outside fell into the tub he had just fallen out of. There was a hole in his wall on his street level apartment and anyone who happened to be walking by was getting quite the show. He stared, dumbfounded. Totally bewildered. Kal looked at the ring and back to the blasted hole in the wall. People are gathering and he nervously covers himself up with an uncomfortable "uhhhh..."

Standing from his spot on the bathroom floor, he grabs his phone and takes off, slamming the door shut behind him, the only sound to be heard throughout the apartment was his panicked voice going, "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," and frantically calling Nasim.

When his friend answers, Kal is just buttoning up a pair of jeans as he sighs. "I need a place to crash pronto, brodeo. Like now."