"...he saved millions before he used up the last spark of that power and his light went out."

It was a lot harder to be Kyle Rayner than people gave him credit for. He had a bigger life than people realized and even though he had spent so long denying it, becoming a White Lantern was his greatest feat of all.

Mastering the seven emotions took a lot of time and energy, and it was harder than he ever thought it could be. He became a hero, one even bigger than the one he was when he only held the green power ring. So much rode on his shoulders and credit was often never given where it was due. He never wanted to be a lantern. He never wanted to be a superhero, but that night in the back alley behind a bar, he was hit in the side of the head with a green ring that all but forced itself onto his finger.

"Kyle Rayner of Earth. You have been chosen."

Those words echoed in his head night after night as he laid in bed staring up at the sky, wondering where his friends were. In this body of Kale Roderick, he feels imprisoned and alone. The memories are still coming in stages and he's remembering more and more with every change that happens. Sometimes he thinks about being a White Lantern and how it has overshadowed everything he did as a Green Lantern.

As Hal Jordan's successor and the torch bearer chosen to rebuild a corps that was all but a faded memory, he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. There was no one on this planet that deserved a power ring less than Kyle Rayner, and there was no one who was as unprepared to follow Hal's stride as him, either. He remembers Ganthet telling him that the ring did not just find him, but it was made for him. Forged specifically for his finger and no one elses. He was chosen for a reason, but to Kyle, those were only empty words.

In all his years as a Green Lantern, he became known as one of the most skilled ring slingers in sectors 2814 and 0000. He had mastered his ring in a way no other Lantern had been able to and at the end of his time as GL, he was known as one of the greatest. He manipulated the ring to work in his favor and made it more powerful than any green ring had ever been before.

"Kyle Rayner of Earth, you have been chosen."

During a small Earth mission as Green Lantern, six other rings forced themselves onto Kyle and before he knew it, Lanterns from all corps came to him and one by one tried to kill him. No matter his pleas or how many times he tried to tell them he didn't ask for this, they wouldn't believe him. Fatality, Attrocitus, and Arkillo were ready to tear his spine from his body and retrieve the stolen rings, and he forced everyone away from his planet and onto planet Oa for answeres from the Guardians.

Today, he looks back and remembers seeing those like Arkillo and Larfleeze as evil, but after mastering his white ring, Kyle has taken a more holistic approach to the way he views things. He understands their pain and what they have gone through in order to be the leader of their corps, and if it wasn't for them, he would have not been able to master raw emotion. He comes to this conclusion while meditating alongside Saint Walker on his planet of Elpis. Opening his eyes, Kyle takes a breath and and looks over his shoulder at the serene planet he was on, realizing that if he was sure he wouldn't die when the shift happened again, he would stay there and never return to Boston.