"Kyle Rayner of Earth, you have been chosen." he said to himself, doing his best mimickery of the voice the ring projected upon finding its newest host. He sat on the couch in his apartment, mask half dissolved on his face while he made different color constructs and opened the the viewing portal into each planet of the other lantern corps. It felt so nice having that much power in the palm of his hand again. There were dozens of people who argued that he was a God, but Kyle wasn't in it for that. He was in it for the good of the people whether it be on Earth, Okaara or Elpis.

He knew he shouldn't have been playing with his ring so much when there was no battery for him to recharge at, but he believed that he still had the power to go to any planet that was habitated by a lantern corps to charge. Whether or not he would test this theory out remained to be seen for the time being.

Standing from his couch, Kyle floated above the floor, trying to get used to the feeling of not having to walk everywhere again. "This is so awesome," he mumbled, using his ring to create a green construct that went from his living room to his kitchen, opened the fridge door to grab a bottle of beer and returned to him. This was so cool. It was like the first time he recieved his green ring outside the bar that night all over again. Smiling to himself, he floated onto his couch and sat back down. Looking at the ring, he grinned and projected a viewing portal in front of himself, opening a window to Nok. At first, he saw nothing but trees which had left him disheartened, realizing that Carol was right and that they were in another universe. What if this wasn't the Nok that the indigo tribe lived on, but instead a random and desolate duplicate of it? While he considered this, a body walked by the window, stopped and turned around and looked back at him, scowling.

"Oh. Hi, Indigo-1. Didn't mean to intrude." Her scowl soon turned to a small smile as she lifted her finger to poke the window, causing it to ripple like a puddle of water. She walked away after that and just as Kyle was getting ready to close the window, Munk stepped in front of him. "Munk! Munk it's so good to see you!"

"Lantern Rayner, you are well?" The indigo tribe was the only lantern corps that could see back through Kyle's windows, and the only ones who could communicate through them, as well. "I think she's finally warmed up to you," Munk added in return, smiling warmly as he saw the guilt written on Kyle's face.

"Uh, I guess you could say that. I'm back on Earth, but something fishy is going on. I'll try to fill you in when I find a power battery and can charge my ring up." Munk nodded and poked the window just as Indigo-1 had, this time dissolving it in front of Kyle.

He had checked on Larfleeze, who was eating ratcheese and clutching his power battery tightly. After that, a quick look into the world of Elpis showed him that indeed, all was well, and that Saint Walker and his brothers and sisters were doing well and prospering as best as they could. The team of guardians that Kyle had been a part of had changed who he was in every aspect. Even channeling the emotions of rage and greed, he had become a better person over all. Saint Walker, Munk, and even the likes of Atrocitus and Arkillo had key roles in the shaping of Kyle as he became the White Lantern. Here, stuck on Earth, he missed all of them more than ever before.

But the one he never thought he'd miss the most was Larfleeze's orange construct, the one who'd posed as the orange ring that sought out Kyle. Looking at his ring, he harnessed his greed and projected a construct in front of him, though he came up disappointed when Glomulus didn't appear. He sighed, realizing that maybe Earth wasn't the best place for a living, breathing construct and decided not to try again. His suit disappeared and Kyle was left in his street clothes, the ring on his finger as he sat back against his couch to speculate.

Not five minutes later, a knock at the door pulled him from his couch and to the peep hole to see who was outside. With a bright, wide smile, he yanked the door open, laughing loudly and letting his good friend in.

"Glommy! I can't believe you're here!" Glomulus, the orange construct who had chosen to be by Kyle's side floated into his apartment, a fedora on his head, a trenchcoat with four arms, and suitcases hanging from every single one of them. After his little orange construct suitcases fell to the floor, Glomulus jumped into Kyle's arms and gave him a hug.

"LANTERNKYLE, LANTERNKYLE! Glommy stay?" In Kyle's arms, the construct with such limited vocabulary grinned with his sharp teeth bared as he held onto his masters shoulders with all four hands. "Glommy miss Lanternkyle," he said, clinging to him further. Their bond had been accidental and strange, but nonetheless Kyle cared a lot for his little friend, even though he was entirely too weird for his own good. Glomulus grabbed onto Kyle's cheeks and squished his face, laughing so hard it looked as thought his head would split in half and fall to the floor.

"Okay, okay little guy. Let's get you down," he said, setting his friend on the floor. "I don't think you can stay with me, Glommy. This is my planet that you're on and people in these parts...they don't know." Througout the time he had spent with his orange construct, he had learned that even though Glomulus didn't talk much, he did understand. "I mean, maybe I could keep you here, but you would get bored, right? You wouldn't have anything to do when I go to work, and what about during the day? What if you left my apartment and got loose?" With his hand resting on his chin, Kyle thought of ways to keep Glommy around, not realizing that his friend had wandered off. When he looked down to see what he was doing, he saw the lack of presence and panicked, though upon further investigation, he saw Glomulus back in the living room, chewing on the corner of a couch cushion. "Ew," Kyle mumbled, going in the other room to join his friend.

Sighing, he sat down and Glommy joined him, constructing his own bottle of beer and crossing his three legs, mimicking the way Kyle was sitting with his own beer and crossed legs. "Glommy stay?"

Kyle laughed and shrugged. "We'll see, bud. Maybe just for now." Holding his bottle out, they clinked the necks together and sat back simultaneously.